How to Tag Users on Instagram posts

By Pulkit Saini
May 21, 2024

Tagging Instagram users on photos or reels is simple with Notionsocial. Here’s how to enable and use this feature.

Enabling the User Tag Feature

  1. Go to your Notion database settings within the Notionsocial dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the "Post Configuration" section.
  3. Select an existing Multi-Select property from your database or create a new one by typing its name
  4. Click the "Save" button to apply your changes.

Tagging Users in a Post

  1. Start by creating a new post in Notion.
  2. Go to the property you configured earlier
  3. Add new options for the Instagram usernames you want to tag.

Seeing it in action

Normally, you would tag users by dropping a pin on the image.

However, Notionsocial automatically places the tag in the center of the image and in case of multiple tags, Aligns them in a grid.

With these steps, you can easily tag Instagram users in your posts using Notionsocial.

If you're looking to add Collaborators on Instagram post, follow this guide: Link to the guide.

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