How to Schedule Twitter Threads with Notion (Step-by-Step Guide)

By Pulkit Saini
Sep 18, 2023

With the help of a tool like Notionsocial, you can easily turn your Notion workspace into a powerful social media manager.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to planning and scheduling Twitter thread campaigns in Notion:

1. Sign up for Notionsocial

Create a free account and connect it to your Twitter profile to enable scheduling tweets directly from Notion.


2. Connect You Notion Database

In Notionsocial, link the Notion database you want to use for managing Twitter content.

Notionsocial - Schedule social media posts from your Notion database.

3. Connect Your Twitter Account

Link your Twitter account to start scheduling threads.

Tweet from Notion

Creating a Twitter Thread

To create a new thread, simply 👉 Open your Notion database and make a new page.

Write out the full thread content, separating each tweet with a divider block.

If you want to add images to the thread, Just insert them between the dividers with their respective thread tweet.

Scheduling the Twitter Thread

  1. Select your Twitter account in the “Platforms” property.
  2. Select a schedule time in “Time” property.
  3. In the end Set the status to “ ✅Done

Notionsocial will post each tweet in the thread at the scheduled times. You can view publishing status in the "Notionsocial" property.

Scheduled to Published

With Notionsocial, you can schedule threads and posts not only for Twitter, but also Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube - all without leaving Notion.

Turn your
notion workspace into
a social media management hub.

Switch different tools
All inside Notion
Streamline workflow
Save 50% of your time