How to Retweet Tweets using Notionsocial

By Pulkit Saini
Dec 16, 2023

If you schedule your Tweets using Notion, Notionsocial is the best option available to schedule them directly from Notion.

Notionsocial not only supports scheduling individual tweets but also allows you to schedule threads, quote tweets, and recently added the functionality to retweet tweets.

Retweeting using Notionsocial is incredibly easy. To sum it up in one line: all you have to do is paste the link to the tweet you want to retweet in the Notion page.

Step 1:- Copy the Tweet's link

Navigate to the tweet you want to retweet or repost and copy it's link.

Step 2:- Paste in Notion

Please paste the link of the Tweet in Notion or you can also embed it. Then, select the Twitter account to repost from in the "Platforms" property and set the status to "Done".

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