How to re-publish or re-schedule a post on Notionsocial

By Pulkit Saini
Nov 22, 2023

To Re-Publish (Post again, instantly)

To re-publish a post, Just clear the "Notionsocial" property name and clear/unset (if already set) time property.


Re-Set the "Status" property to "✅Done" if in any-case it's changed.

To Re-Schedule Post

To re-schedule a post, Just clear the "Notionsocial" property name and set the time to publish the post at (schedule time).

Tip: Re-Posting after error

If you selected multiple social platforms and any of them failed and others being successfully published, Then just remove the succeeded ones from the "Platforms" property and select only the failed social account.

Then re-publish or re-schedule as per your need.


Notionsocial will re-scan the post if the "Notionsocial" property is empty and the status is set to "✅Done", So make sure to keep these two properties as such for Notionsocial to take them into the system.

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