How to post reels & stories on Instagram using Notion?

By Pulkit Saini
Jan 01, 1970

You can post Instagram reels & stories from Notion using Notionsocial

To do so, you’ll need to set up a simple rule in your Notion database settings, Inside Notionsocial

The rule tells Notionsocial to look for a certain property in the page, Let's say "Post Type", And if the "Post Type" property is set to the value "Reel" or "Story", Then post it as such.

Setting the rules

Go the the Notion database settings in Notionsocial.

Scroll down and you'll find the "Advanced features & Settings" section.

Step 1:- Select a property, If you don't already have one in Notion, Then create first.

Notion reels

Step 2:- Now select the rule, The available options are "equals" and "contains".


This rule compares, == with the value in the Notion page during publishing.


This rule will check if the notion page has a certain value present in the text or is selected in the multi selector.

Step 3:- Write the value to check against in the last column, And then click on "Save"

Adding a cover the reel

Add a cover to the Instagram reel, You can upload an image alongside your reel video in the media property.

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