How to Use Notion to Manage Your Social Media Content ⭐ (Like a Pro!)

By Pulkit Saini
Sep 18, 2023

But don't worry - I'm here to show you how Notion can make it easier! 👇🏻

Notion is one of the best tool for social media management.

It's incredibly flexible and allows you to customize it to fit your workflow perfectly.

Notion Database

Create a master database to store all social media content, assets, client information etc. in one place, Databases allow you to filter, view, and access your data easily

Notion Page Templates

You can create custom templates for simplifying new post creation for example “Instagram Post”, “Twitter Threads” etc.

Templates ensure consistency across accounts

Adjust page templates as needed for different brand accounts.

Notion Page Properties

Use properties to tag and organize content like status, categories, hashtags

Properties also allow you to filter database views dynamically

Notion Database Calendar View

Enable calendar view on your content database to see publishing dates

Quickly visualize deadlines and scheduling conflicts

Notion Social Media Templates

Import pre-made Notion templates for social media management

Many templates provide sections for content scheduling, asset libraries, analytics etc.

You can always customize the templates to match your specific workflow and needs

Notion Tools

Notion has a large community and there’s a lot of Notion tools which enhance the capabilities of Notion.

You can use tools like Notionsocial to schedule social media posts directly from Your Notion database.

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