How to get the Social Media Post's URL back in Notion?

Notionsocial let's you schedule Social Media Posts using Notion, But it's not limited to only scheduling.

With the "Post publication changes" feature, You can get the URL to the Social media posts published by Notionsocial back into the Notion page.

Here's how to enable the feature:-

Step 1:-

First, Go to the Notionsocial dashboard, Click on the Notion database card, Or on the "Manage" button.

Notion database in Notionsocial

Step 2:-

Scroll down to the "Post publication changes" section, And set the Notion text property to update with the URL to the post published.

Post publication changes

Step 3:-

Click on save, And Notionsocial will add the post URL within 30 minutes of the post being published.

You can also configure Notionsocial to set the "Status" property to a value, Let's say "Published" after publishing a post.

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