Top 5 Notion Based Social Scheduling Tools

By Pulkit Saini
Sep 18, 2023

If you use Notion to write and plan your social media content, then this blog post is for you.

There are more than 10+ of such Notion integrations which helps you schedule posts using Notion Here is a list of the best 5 and how they compare with each other.

#5 Instapost

💰 Free (Opensource)

✅ Only supports Instagram

⭐ Text to Image conversion

Link to Instapost

#4 Scheduled

💰 Free trial for 14 days

€9/mo if yearly, €19/mo if monthly

✅ Only supports Linkedin

⭐ Analytics & Post recycling

Link to Scheduled

#3 ViaNotion

💰 Free trial for 7 days

Starts from $3/month

✅ Supports Twitter & LinkedIn

⭐ Tweet metrics & Auto retweet

Link to viaNotion

#2 Queue

💰 Free up to 10 tweets

Starts from $9/mo

✅ Only supports Twitter

⭐ Preview tweets and threads in Notion

Link to Queue

#1 Notionsocial

💰 Free trial for 7 days

Free plan - up to 10 tweets

Paid plans with unlimited posts starts from $9/mo

✅ Supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

⭐ Preview posts & Track post metrics such as Likes & Comment inside Notion.

Link to NotionSocial

Turn your
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